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The Riverside Roar – April 25, 2022

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Student of the Week

The Student of the Week is…

Roxanne Fain!

Mr. Voegle says, “Roxanne Fain is my nominee for student of the week. She is a hard-working dedicated student.  During our OST review for math, she was participating every day and on every problem.”

Congratulations, Roxanne!

Upcoming Events

April 26 and 27
Science OST Testing
Grades 5 and 8

May 25
8th Grade Celebration
6:30 P.M.

May 26
Kindergarten Promotion
10:00 A.M.

8th Grade Field Trip

May 27
Last Day of School
Field Day

Classroom Updates

Ms. Fisher – Kindergarten

I hope everyone has been hanging in there at home. Kindergarten has been on a roll yet again this week! Just the same as last week, we are still working to master addition and subtraction. We are still working on sounding out CVC words and memorizing trick words as well. This week we will be continuing to talk about sentence structure and the rules of writing. Our students have been having a blast with the new P.E. teacher and are beyond thrilled to continue using the new playground! 

Mr. Fahrmeier – 1st Grade

First grade has started a math unit on 3D and 2D Shapes and making shapes out of shapes. We are working on the sight words being, first, and their. We also are working on adding “es” to the end of words. We just finished our final draft to our monthly writing project and will be starting the art next week.

Mrs. Wechselman – 2nd Grade

This week second grade has been learning about irregular verbs in past and present tenses. In Fundations were are still reviewing long o sounds and vowel teams oa, and ow. In science we have learned about how the rotation of the earth effects the seasons. This month we are writing an opinion piece on what students think third grade will be like.  In math we have started a new topic on time telling.

Mrs. Zajac – 3rd Grade

3rd grade is getting deeper into our Charlotte’s Web novel study this week. This week we are looking at the characters in the story and thinking about their traits. We are also continuing our work with fractions in math. We are going to begin a weather unit in Science this week and will be trying some new things. As always, homework will come home on Monday with the new spelling words on it.  Thanks for your support!  

Mrs. Williams-Coble – 4th grade

Ms. Jaimee Hebert – 5th Grade

We are in the final stretch! I have been very proud of 5th grade and how well they have done on their state tests! We have one more (science) and then we are finished with them. In ELA we began reading the book Frindle and began our lit study of the book. In math we have been reviewing for the test and will now move into graphing coordinate planes. In social studies we are talking about Germany and western Europe. In science we are reviewing for our upcoming test. We are also writing about what we plan to do this summer. As always please reach out to me with any questions!  

Ms. Arriane Brents – Middle School Reading

Looking forward to the eighth graders and fifth graders wrapping up testing with a  W, in Science ! Good luck to all the scholars that have one more test!

Mr. Stephen Voegele – Middle School Math

Good Day Lions,

This past week has been a crazy week for me.  I feel horrible that I missed the first day of testing.  As I always say try and stay healthy and safe.  Healthy is one thing none of us should take for granted.  I am proud of all my middle schoolers, I heard through my fellow teachers that they worked super hard and used the strategies we had discussed.  After testing we will be getting back into Eureka.  Everyone is actually near module assessment, either mid-module or end module.  6th grade is working on polygons, 7th grade is working on probability and 8th grade is working on non-linear equations.  By the way 8th grade do not forget you have the science test next week.  I know you guys will rock that too.

Ms. Julia Whapham – Middle School Science

Hello Riverside families! Happy math Ohio state testing week for our middle school students. Next week is the Ohio state science test for our 8th graders and we are busy with review. This week, 8th graders are reviewing the life science standards they learned this year. They will be tasked with making Punnett Squares and answering practice test questions. 7th grade students are learning about energy transfers and Newton’s cradle. 6th graders are learning about different types of energy such as radiant, mechanical, and chemical energy. These concepts will serve as the foundation for our conservation discussion next week.

Ms. Jamie Isidore – Middle School Writing and Social Studies

Last week scholars jumped right into writing! Scholars did show enthusiasm while learning different reading genres! 6th – 8th graders are writing their own stories, so far I will admit that I am very intrigued and wondering how this writing will come out! Each scholar has a different writing style and now that they have a little freedom, let’s see how creative they are when incorporating their effectiveness and efficient writing style. Shout out to all scholars displaying GRIT AND EXCELLENCE during testing!!!

Mr. Taron Jordon – Art

Mr. Patrick Sawyers Physical Education

This week in class I had a chance to teach them more of a proper warm up before working-out . The topic of conversation this week was teamwork. I made sure I went over the definition of the word, along with asking the students for examples in their life of when they performed teamwork. We did many games where we had to use teamwork and communication. The students seemed to really bond when they had to hold hands and pass a Hula Hoop down the line without unlinking their hands.

Intervention Specialists

Mrs. Kristi Flannery

Mrs. Deborah Glosson

Mrs. Morgan Ragle

In the resource room, we took a few days discussing patterns and parallel lines. We created stickers with diamond stamping. This activity helps the learners with decision making, perspective and problem solving. It’s a very tedious process but the students took risks and created some great diamond “stickers”.  Quite a few of the students said that they could not do it at first. However, with lots of encouragement and building self-confidence, everyone had a finished product. Way to go!

8th Grade Recognition

WHEN:  Wednesday, May 25th

TIME:  6:30 P.M.

WHERE:  Riverside Auditorium

WHO:  8th Graders and their families

WHAT:  Celebrate the completion of Middle School.

Awards given and refreshments served.

8th Grade Field Trip

WHEN:  Thursday, May 26th

TIME:  10:00 A.M.—2:00 P.M.

WHERE:  Mt. Echo Park

WHO:  8th Graders and their teachers

WHAT:  Celebrate the completion of Middle School.

Fun time with friends!  Lunch provided.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for trusting us with your children every day. Like every school, there are things we do well and things we need to improve. What makes Riverside different then? We use data to make our decisions, and we embrace change when it needs to be made!

With that in mind, we truly hope that your children will return to Riverside next year. Early re-enrollment provides us the data we need to purchase supplies and alter staffing to meet our scholars’ needs.  Please let us know if you have any questions!