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The Riverside Roar – March 14, 2022

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Riverside Academy First Annual Career Day!

Student of the Week

The Student of the Week is…

Ethan Fahey!

Mrs. Zajac says, “Ethan has been working hard at making sure all his work is complete and staying focused during lessons. He is also working on completing his morning work without any reminders and has been doing awesome.”

Congratulations, Ethan!

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March 16
Cyclones Field Trip

March 21-25
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Spring Break

April 4
Beginning of OST Testing

Classroom Updates

Ms. Fisher – Kindergarten

I am so proud of our kindergarten class! This week we have begun to get into a structured routine and things are running smoother with every day of practice. We learned how to find the main idea of a text and look for key details that support the main idea. In math, we continued to work on the composition of numbers up to five using number bonds and manipulatives such as building blocks. I feel so lucky that I get to spend my days with your children and have begun to form important, meaningful connections that I hope stick with them for a lifetime! 

Mr. Fahrmeier – 1st Grade

First grade has been on fire with learning place values and greater than and less than. We have done great art work for our boards and done great writing. It was great talking to most of you during conferences and hope we can help support your children going forward through the rest of the year. Scholars have been working on silent E words and their plurals. We have been working with place value and adding 10 and 20 more to numbers. We are so excited for our field trip to the Cyclones game.

Mrs. Wechselman – 2nd Grade

This week 2nd grade scholars are continuing their lesson on Homophones and reviewing vowel teams in Fundations. In writing and ready reading were are reading informational texts and writing short response answers to questions about the text. In science we have begun learning about food webs and food chains. In math 2nd grade is solving 2 digit and 3 digit word problems. In social studies we started a new lesson on cultures and symbols.

Mrs. Zajac – 3rd Grade

Third grade has been working hard at writing our opinions on things. We our preparing for state testing by comparing our writing to rubrics. We are also practicing our writing conventions and bubbling in answers to help us prepare for the state tests. In math, we are learning about mass and how we measure the weight of an object.  In reading, we are comparing and contrasting two texts. Please continue to help practice sight words with your child as this will help prepare them for the state test.

Mrs. Williams-Coble – 4th grade

Ms. Jaimee Hebert – 5th Grade

The fifth grade has been busy! We have planned for our upcoming career fair and have been talking about our field trip to the Cyclones game. In social studies we have started to talk about Ancient Greece. In math we are talking about area and perimeter. The students are doing an awesome job with these two topics. In language arts we wrapped up our unit on figurative language and took our assessment on it. They did a great job with this topic. In science we are learning about the different types of scientists and what they do. The students have been working hard these past few weeks and I cannot wait to watch them grow even more!

Ms. Arriane Brents – Middle School Reading

This week we are continuing to get ready for state tests. Which has actually been fun, because our classes are excited to show what they know! It’s our turn to earn all the point we can, before we matriculate to the next grade. We are breaking up our critique of essay questions and playing vocabulary games in between.

Mr. Stephen Voegele – Middle School Math

Spring is almost here and I know we are all getting spring fever.  However there are many important events coming up.  We are switching from 3rd quarter to 4th quarter.  That means it is important to re-enroll for next school year if you are in Kindergarten to 7th grade.  8th graders it is time that you have planned and started the enrollment process to your high school. Next we have state testing coming.  It comes up shortly after spring break.  It is important that you child comes to school every day on time (8:00 am).  So that they can get all of their testing done with their classmates and not have to do any make ups.  Routines are going to be very important.  Get to bed early, eating a good breakfast, coming in with a positive mindset.  You can help your student have the best outcomes on their test.  The week ahead both 6th and 7th grade will be having assessments in math along with Eureka curriculum.  6th grade will be solving equations and 7th grade will be over statistic and probability.  8th grade is working on linear equations to scatter plots.  As always stay safe and healthy.

Ms. Jamie Isidore – Middle School Writing and Social Studies

Last week with Ms. Isidore, scholars completed their informational pieces explaining why people compete in the Olympics! I have to admit my scholars are showing off their skills! This week in ELA and social studies we are embarking on a new journey of self discovery.  Scholars are going to be introduced to poetry and perhaps write some on their own. I cannot wait to see how scholars write their own lyrics and bring it to life!

Ms. Julia Whapham – Middle School Science

Intervention Specialists

Mrs. Kristi Flannery

Mrs. Deborah Glosson

Mrs. Morgan Ragle

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for trusting us with your children every day. Like every school, there are things we do well and things we need to improve. What makes Riverside different then? We use data to make our decisions, and we embrace change when it needs to be made!

With that in mind, we truly hope that your children will return to Riverside next year. Early re-enrollment provides us the data we need to purchase supplies and alter staffing to meet our scholars’ needs.  Please let us know if you have any questions!