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The Riverside Roar – January 24, 2022

Download The Riverside Roar for the week of January 24, 2022 (PDF) »

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for trusting us with your children every day. Like every school, there are things we do well and things we need to improve. What makes Riverside different then? We use data to make our decisions, and we embrace change when it needs to be made!

With that in mind, we truly hope that your children will return to Riverside next year. Early re-enrollment provides us the data we need to purchase supplies and alter staffing to meet our scholars’ needs. 

The deadline for early re-enrollment with incentive is February 28, 2022. As always, if you have questions, please call the office at 513-921-7777.

Student of the Week

The Student of the Week is…

Sophia Ellis

Mrs. Coble writes, “Sophia is a self-starter that is always willing to help her elbow partners or serve as an expert in a topic. Sophia shows great leadership skills and is a great friend to have in your corner.”

Congratulations, Sophia!

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February 3
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February 4
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February 21
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President’s Day

Classroom Updates

Mr. Fahrmeier – 1st Grade

First grade has been working hard on continuing to write about who they love and why and is making great strides in sounding out words and using each other as a resource. In Math we have been starting on measuring items and working with non traditional measurements. We are working hard on following instructions the first time and getting along with each other.

Mrs. Zajac – 3rd Grade

Third grade has been preparing for our SCA at the end of this week. We are adjusting to a new routine with Mrs. Zajac and getting lots of learning in. We are focusing on measurement and finding the area in math. We are looking at complete sentences in grammar and writing a beginning, middle, and end. 

Mrs. Williams-Coble – 4th grade

Hello Riverside Parents & Family! Our fourth grade students have been working really hard since returning back from Winter Break. In math, we are working on how to measure the degree of an angle using a protractor along with reviewing how to multiply two digits by a single digit number. In science, we are reviewing the process of the water cycle and celebrating National Energy Conservation Day, exploring different ways we can save energy in our homes and at school! To end the week, our fourth graders will begin writing their multi-paragraph essay that answers the following prompt: “When I grow up, I want to be…”. I look forward to learning all about our students’ dream jobs and what they want to become when they grow up!

Ms. Jaimee Hebert – 5th Grade

The 5th grade has been busy. In social studies we took our unit 8 test and have started talking about the physical geography, history, and culture of Mexico. In Language arts we have continued talking about perspectives and viewing different perspectives. In writing the students have been working very hard on opinion writing. Make sure to ask your student what their opinion is on dogs and cats! In math we have been working on adding and multiplying fractions with like and unlike denominators. In Science we have continued talking about energy and the students are doing an AMAZING job with this concept. 

Ms. Arriane Brents – Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies

This week sixth grade  will be wrapping up their study of standard R.L.6.5. They’ve told me they are familiar with working with plays and are looking forward to our more in-depth study this year. The eighth grade is also working with a similar standard ( R.L.8.5). In our eighth grade studies we’ll be analyzing allusions found in literature. In the seventh grade this week we are working with standard R.L.7.6 which looks at how different sections of a text relate to the whole.!

Ms. Jamie Isidore – Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies

Mr. Stephen Voegele – Middle School Math

This month has just flown by.  We are nearing the midterm of third quarter.  There are a lot of students with a lot of missing work.  I hope everyone gets healthy and back so we can get caught up.  6th grade is continuing to work on functions, 7th grade is working with percentages and interest and have a mid-module next week, 8th grade is wrapping up linear equations and about to have an end module assessment.  If you need make up work email me or call the school.

Intervention Specialists

Mrs. Deborah Glosson

Mrs. Morgan Ragle

The SPED department has been working hard with many of our students completing testing. Our students have been working hard to put forth their best work!  

Our resource rooms are fully decorated for Valentines. Our younger students are reading and participating in a variety of academic activities using the book “Robot In Love”.  We will be doing a fun writing assignment using special vocabulary words from the book. It’s a great book to borrow from the library. The children love that the robot falls in love with a toaster!