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The Riverside Roar – September 28, 2021

Download The Riverside Roar for the week of September 28, 2021 (PDF) »


Receive important information about how we use Title I Funds to support your scholars!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021
4:30 P.M.
Riverside Academy

We will also be hosting a book fair on that day from 4:00 to 6:00 P.M. Consider purchasing a book as an incentive or reward for a scholar who is attending every day, trying their best, or completing their work.

See you there!

Due to a national shortage of school bus drivers, school bus service has been severely delayed. In Cincinnati, this issue is affecting both public and public charter schools, as Cincinnati Public Schools is seeking to fill a number of open positions. Currently, our yellow bus service is through Universal Transportation System (UTS). To speak to Cincinnati Public Schools Transportation Customer Service, call 513-363-7433, option #1 for vendor, and option #6 for UTS.

While we wait for additional students to receive bus routes, the parent pickup line with remain long. To alleviate the situation, we are beginning dismissal to parents at 3:15 P.M. instead of 3:25 P.M. We are doing our best to facilitate this at quickly and as safely as possible. Beginning on September 7, 2021, there will be cones blocking the driveway on the west side of the building. All cars will need to exit by driving through the parking lot, turning left on the alleyway, and then onto River Road.

Thank you for your help and continued patience!

Student of the Week

The Student of the Week is…

Leanna Glover!

Ms. Brents said, “Leanna Glover has made a great effort this school year to keep the classroom environment tidy and orderly. She is one of three students I have entrusted the responsibility of managing the Chromebook cart. Leanna is also making a concerted effort to have body language and speech reflective of a respectful scholar.”

Congratulations, Leanna!

Upcoming Events

September 27-30
Book Fair

September 28
Title I Meeting at 4:30 P.M.
Book Fair 4:00-6:00 P.M.

October 11
No School for Students
Parent-Teacher Conferences 10:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.

October 21
School Pictures

October 29
No School for Students
Professional Development Day

Teacher Updates

Mrs. Kelsey Carter – Kindergarten

Mr. Robert Fahrmeier – 1st Grade

In first grade we are doing awesome at putting together new words. We are learning how to read tricky words like “and” & “the” and we are learning all about the parts of a plant. In math we are doing great at finding all the ways to make numbers all the way up to 10. We are also counting by 1’s, and 10’s.

Mrs. Amoy Weschelman – 2nd Grade

This week 2nd grade has been learning about glued sounds like unk, ong, ink and bonus sounds such as ff, ll, ss in Fundations to build and read words. We have also been reviewing digraphs, blends, and vowel teams. In Math we have been working on taking from 10 within 100 to solve equations. Science we have been focused on the life cycles of animals such as tigers, pandas, butterflies, and chickens. The students have been learning how to make prediction using graphic organizers and to compare animals with Venn diagrams. In social studies we have been talking about communities and neighborhoods. In writing the students have been editing their writing piece about Fall activities by focusing on sentence structure and punctuation.

Mrs. Wendy Apperson – 3rd Grade

It’s been a great week with super attendance! Our 3rd grade class learned a lot of new vocabulary words in Science, Social Studies, and ELA. We are talking about practicing reading at home with by reading to our siblings, with our parents, and to our stuffed animals. We will soon start writing book reports with recommendations for our favorite books. In Math we are just beginning the concept of division. Please practice the times tables at home with our scholars. We hope to know our multiplication facts by the end of the year, and practice makes perfect! Riverside Academy will have a Scholastic Book Fair next week. Our class will get to make a wish list from the flyer sent home, view the books at the fair on Monday, September 27 and purchase them on Wednesday the 28th.  

Mr. David Ladner – 4th Grade

Ladner’s Landers, those scholars in 4th and 5th grade math and science, have been busy accomplishing missions.  4th Grade has been exploring place value, rounding, and addition.  In science, they have explored the work of scientists inclusive of their research methods, tools, and data.  5th Grade has been exploring place value with decimals, rounding, and addition.  Their science exploration has taken them to learning about ecosystems.  Missions are being accomplished each day, and all are adjusting more and more daily school life at Riverside!  Way to Go, 4th and 5th Grade Lions!

Ms. Jaimee Hebert – 5th Grade

I can’t believe that we are almost in week 7 of the school year. Your students have been busy this week. In language arts we have been talking about cause and effect. This week we have also been reading historical texts this week. In social studies we have been talking about the landforms, water, and different parts of the Earth. Your students will be taking a test over unit two in social studies next Friday.  Your students are still in art and have been working very hard on their robots. Next week is the book fair at school. On Tuesday we will go down to the book fair to “window shop”.  We will then go back down to the book fair on Wednesday to do our actual shopping. As always please reach out to me with any comments, questions, or concerns! 

Ms. Arriane Brents – Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies

This week we  are wrapping up our essential essay question for September in  Social Studies. If your student is a 7th grader ask them to talk to you about the major accomplishments of Mesoamerican societies and early people. If your student is a 8th grader, ask them why historians, archeologist, and geographers use different methods to help the public understand history.

This week we are wrapping up our study of standards R.I.7.3 & R.I.8.3. We will have a short cycle assessment on Friday.

Mr. Stephen Voegele – Middle School Math

Happy Friday Riverside!
We have had a busy week in math.  8th grade had an end of module assessment.  Good work to those of you who took it. 7th grade you have you next assessment on Tuesday!  So prepare.  Great job to the 6th graders on converting ratios to rates.  Also don’t forget that BOOK FAIR is next week.  YEAH!  On to next week 6th grade is continuing on rates and ratios, we will be adding speed and distance.  7th grade we are going to start positive and negative integers.  8th graders will be more than meets the eye, Transformations.  8th grade please remember your rulers, protractors, and compasses.
As always stay safe,
Mr.  Voegele

Ms. Jamie Isidore – Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies

In ELA and Social Studies in Ms. Isidore class this week; scholars continue to work on their writings. 6th Graders are writing a “someone” special narrative piece and working on their upcoming writing display on the second floor. 8th Graders have been working hard on their journalist pieces. They are now implementing their learning into the Riverside Post. The Riverside Post is an informative newspaper article(s) that 8th graders are doing their best to show off their writing skills each week! They also want to inform others; let their voices/imagination be seen and heard! Next week we are diving deeper into analyzing how a test makes connections among ideas, people and or events!

Intervention Specialists

Ms. Burns aburns@acariverside.com
Mrs. Frohlich cfrohlich@acariverside.com
Mrs. Deborah Glosson dglosson2@acariverside.com

“The resource room is buzzing with activity.  The Intervention Specialists work hard to use a variety of resources and tools to meet the needs of the students. We love our fidgets!  Fidget toys are great self-regulation tools to help with focus, attention, calming and active listening. A fidget can do many things like…

  1. Create movement to alert the brain
  2. Offer deep pressure which is calming or grounding
  3. Give tactile input which is brain engaging
  4. Allow for repetition which is grounding

Riverside SPED team uses a variety of “fidgets” but homemade ones are just as good like rice in a balloon, pony tail band, pipe cleaners (cut of sharp end) or beads on a string.  Using a fidget at home to do homework can help all students stay focused and engaged!”


Ms. Katherine Howell – Art

2nd grade and Kindergarteners will read “Where The Wild Things Are” to depict and draw inspirational scenes from the book and create 5 monster drawings.

5th grade has added paint to their Waste not Robots and will continue to add final details and finishing touches before being voted for best robot!

6th and 8th graders are recreating a work of art from one of the master artists of their choosing. Students will start with a large drawing and continue by adding color next week.

Mr. Thomas Buckley – Physical Education

This week in PE we learned the rules and the game of basketball. We worked on skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting and defense. We were able to play games to show our skills. The students have done a terrific job learning the structure of PE and it’s been so much fun watching them be competitive but also be good teammates.