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The Riverside Roar – April 19, 2021


Download The Riverside Roar for the week of April 19, 2021 (PDF)


It’s Testing Time!

On Monday, April 19th, we will begin the science Ohio State Test. This test is only for 5th graders and 8th graders. Virtual students must come to the building to take the tests. State testing is mandatory. If your child is absent, we will reach out to you each day to do what we can to get them to the building to test. If transportation is an issue, we will try to help. Please see the schedule below and let us know if you have questions or concerns. Please note a change in the testing time for all virtual 5th and virtual 8th graders next week – Pick up is at 11:45!

For State Testing:

  • All virtual students must arrive by 8:00 A.M. on the day of testing and have a ride home at 11:45 A.M.
  • All students will receive breakfast.
  • All students must wear masks and will receive a temperature check.


From the Nurse…

Hello Riverside Parents,

     I sent out Vision and Hearing referral letters in early March for children who either failed or were not able to be tested. Referral letters indicate your child needs to be seen by a physician, and the form needs to return to the school.  Please have forms completed and returned to the school by 05/12/2021.

     If a physician tested your child, we still need the form completed with their findings, and the condition returned to the school.  Any questions or concerns, please contact the school and speak with the school nurse.

Nikki Edmonds (Contractor), RN


Grab and Go Meals

Hybrid students will bring meals home every Wednesday.

Online families may pick up meals by pulling up to the kitchen door on the east side of the building. Pick up is on Thursdays from 12:00 P.M. to 1:30 P.M.


Upcoming Events

April 19– Science Testing Begins
May 19– 8th Grade Celebration, 4:30-6:00 P.M.
May 20– Last Day of School for Students


Kindergarten and First Grade

Ms. Zwirgzdas 

Hello families!
Another week down, this week students are very excited to have some new class pets in the classroom. We have two tadpoles named Red and God, as well as some caterpillars we are watching turn into butterflies. Student have been doing well in math while learning to identify tens and ones. Students have been reading about the past and making comparisons to how we live today! Don’t forget we are now using class dojo!


Second and Third Grade

Miss DeLong 

Another week has gone by quickly! Testing is over now! There are still a few more weeks of the school year left before summer break! The students will be focusing on more multiplication this following week. It is important they have these facts down. Especially the 3rd graders! In science we will finish up our unit on light and color and move onto weather stations! Our writing has been making improvements as well. Encourage your child to write at home, in a journal, a letter to a family member, etc. Thank you!


Fourth and Fifth Grade

Ms. Kenner 

Hello Families,
5th graders only have science testing this coming week! Please make sure students are getting enough sleep so they can perform their best and show what they know! It would be a great idea to practice shapes at home.
This week in reading, students are finishing up the novel Holes. We are having a book celebration on Friday, April 23rd. If you would like to donate the following items for our celebration, that would be greatly appreciated. Oreos, pretzels, 2-liter drinks of any sort, canned peaches, candy peaches, donut holes. If you plan to donate something, please sent a message on dojo!
Students are doing a fantastic job tracking their Iready Minutes! The goal is to have 75 minutes (at least) by Friday in both math and reading (15 minutes a day). If your student is staying home but is not sick, I would encourage them to still get their minutes in at home. Also, if you are interested in re-enrolling for next year, we will be giving out free long sleeve t-shirts to students who turn in their re-enrollment form and proof of address. It should be noted that proof of address should be something from the past 30 days.


Middle School

English Language Arts
Ms. Brents

Two down, one to go! We are powering through The Ohio State Air Test like champs, so I know the 8th graders are going to wrap up the AIR tests by making us proud next week! We have one more round of test sessions during the week of May 10th, so please mark your calendars and encourage your students to stay motivated for that one as well. iReady test results can be super informative and helpful to parents especially with summer approaching. The test results reveal your student’s approximate grade level in reading, and specific areas of reading that the student does well in and may need additional support.

This week in reading we are working on poetry, and continuing our practice with forms of figurative language and plot elements.

Mrs. McConnell

Hello Middle school families! Math State testing is complete for most students, but the school year is not over! It’s important not to lose focus. We need to prepare our students for their next year in school and make sure they do not have gaps in knowledge over the summer. In math, we will focus on reviewing all the new concepts we have learned over the year, and also begin some new concepts that will carry over into next year. It’s important that we also get ready for the last big test of the year, the iReady Spring Diagnostic. Students should be spending an average of 20 minutes a day on iReady math. They have access to this tool, and it is focused on their own personal growth throughout the school year. This is unique, because it gives students the opportunity to show us what they’ve learned, without the pressure of state standards or being compared to peers across the state. This Test will take place in Early May.

As a side note, warmer weather is approaching and water fountains in the school are still unavailable for health and safety reasons. Please send your student to school with a personal water bottle.

Social Studies
Ms. Charley

This week in social studies, the 8th Grade finished up their Industrial Revolution DBQ’s. I’m very proud of the students who have finished projects! The 7th Grade continued to learn about the Mongols and their interactions in China. The 6th Grade finished up their Assessment Days for Polytheistic Religions. Remember, all students can work on any Leveled work (work from assessment days) until the end of the quarter. If those essays aren’t done- they can work on them! Have a great weekend!

Mr. Voegele

Hello Lions,
Two test down and for many students that means they are finished. But not our mighty 5th and 8th graders. Next week you have the SCIENCE test! Woo Who! Make sure 5th and 8th graders that you are here Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Wednesday depending upon your testing window. Also reminders Kindergarten to 7th graders re-enroll for next year. I know I hear, we are moving, we are going to a different school, and many other reasons. Save you spot if you leave it cost you nothing. But if there is a change in plans and you want to come back home to Riverside, we don’t want you to lose your spot here. 21 years here I have seen it time and again. On to the next week. 6th grade you are going to be creating a cartoon about the process of Asexual reproduction next week. 7th grade we are going to be on Food Chains and Food Webs. 8th grade we will continue with the Force.
Stay safe.


Intervention Specialists

Mrs. Frohlich cfrohlich@acariverside.com
Ms. Burns aburns@acariverside.com

Hello Parents and Guardian. Riverside Academy uses Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to help your students reach their fullest potential and to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our students. Studies have shown that students excel when students and schools work together. Here are some ways you can incorporate PBIS in your home.

  1. Talk with your child about how you expect him or her to behave at school.
  2. Ask your child’s teacher, principal or school counselor about the positive behaviors the school teaches.
  3. Let your school know how you would like to be involved in supporting positive behaviors at school.
  4. Talk to your child’s teacher or school counselor if you have questions or concerns about your child’s behavior. We want to help.

The following information was taken from Ohio Families Engage at OSU if you would like more information. The Special Education Team would be glad to answer any questions.



Ms. Sargent

This week in Music class, students in grades 2-8 got to create a pretend band, and an album cover, too!  Kindergarten and first grade students got to learn about the Ukulele this week. Keep up the great work on your tests, students!


Physical Education

Mr. Louis

This week brought testing and an opportunity for us to get outside! Middle school did a great job working on their fitness checklist. If they did it well, your middle schoolers would have come home feeling sore! Fitness and outdoor activities will be a priority moving forward if weather allows.