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The Riverside Roar – December 1, 2020


The Riverside Roar is our weekly newsletter to inform our families of all the great things happening at school. Newsletter is personalized with information from your child’s teacher. 

Download the Elementary Riverside Roar for the weeks of November 23 and December 1, 2020 (PDF)

Download the Middle School Riverside Roar for the weeks of November 23 and December 1, 2020 (PDF)


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are so thankful to Amazon for the generous donation of physical education equipment. Covid has changed the way we do “gym,” so we were in need of equipment that would get students up and moving but also maintain physical distancing, Amazon came through for us with jump ropes, hula hoops, bubble kits, and yoga mats. Amazon is a great neighbor and partner!

Pictured above are second and third graders preparing for yoga.

Ms. Lucas, Principal


Grab and Go Meals

Hybrid students will bring meals home every Wednesday.

Online families may pick up meals by pulling up to the kitchen door on the east side of the building. Pick up is on Thursdays from 12:00 P.M. to 1:30 P.M.


Upcoming Events

November 23-27 – Thanksgiving Break
November 30 – Staff Professional Development Day – No School for Students
December 1 – Picture Retake Day
December 18 – End of 2nd Quarter



We love all of our Riverside students! For our students that attend in person, we have several dismissal procedures in place to keep them safe.

  1. Walkers are dismissed at 3:15 P.M.
  2. Bus riders are called as the busses arrive.
  3. Students who are picked up are called as their rides arrive. Parents and guardians must stay in their cars, maintain one lane while waiting, and continue to pull forward when possible.

If a student needs to leave school early, a parent must come in and sign them out. Any time missed DOES count towards truancy.  if you need to call the office regarding a dismissal change, please call before 2:45. We do not dismiss students between 3:00 P.M. and 3:15 P.M. Thanks!



With colder weather comes changes in what students want to wear in the building. However, coats and hoodies may not be worn. This is a Board policy that is explained in the Student-Parent Handbook. If students are cold, they may wear only solid colored white, gray, navy, black, or beige knitted cardigans or knitted pullover sweaters. Thank you for your help with this! If you have questions, please call me any time.



Kindergarten/1st Grade

Ms. White – Traditional


Ms. Zwirgzdas – Hybrid and Online

Hello parents!

Happy Thanksgiving in advance! Approaching break Kindergarteners got to work learning about picture graphs in Math. Students learned to form and write words about the letter I. In first grade students continued to work vowels with a silent E sound. First graders are practicing how to form an opinion based on the text they read. In math students were working on adding 3 numbers together, counting  “ how many” tens and ones.

Reminder – don’t forget to have students working on their science course work. We do not have live sessions for these subjects. However, there are still lessons and assignments to complete. For first graders, they are working on phases of the moon. Kindergarteners are working on the life cycle of the butterfly!

Please continue to enjoy your break and stay safe.



2nd/3rd Grade

Ms. Brown – Traditional


4th/5th Grade

Ms. Kenner – Traditional

Hello Families,

The students in both 4th and 5th grade are going to be starting a new writing project, research reports on states! Students have selected their states, and I have sent questionnaires to other teachers in their selected states. I am planning to have a virtual writing celebration when the students are done with this project, and will give you more information as we get closer. I am also going to be sending home current grades, as well as IXL improvement numbers by Friday, December 4th. Please be on the lookout for that. I am happy to announce that almost the entire class earned the behavior award of Fun Friday last week! Remember you as the parent/guardian can always see the behavior points they have earned by logging into Class Dojo. If you need assistance with this, please let me know. Remember that with colder weather students might need long sleeve polos or sweaters to wear in class (nothing with a hood). Happy Holidays!


Middle School

English Language Arts
Ms. Brents

We are back and ready to start the second half of the quarter with fervor! Midway through our week we will have short cycle assessments on standards R.I.6.3, R.L.7.3 and R.I.8.5. We will end our week with introductions to standards R.I.6.4, R.I.7.4, R.I.8.2. A website that is a great tool for helping your student is youtube. A channel that is super helpful is McGraw-Hill PreK-12. If you type in key words from the standard like “main idea,” inference,” “theme”, and “author’s purpose” you’ll be directed to videos that can provide a great introduction or review for your student!

Mrs. McConnell

Hello Middle school families. We made it to Thanksgiving break! During this week off please consider helping us by helping your student replenish their school supplies for when school starts back up. At this point in the school year, the nice new supplies we started the year with have gotten used and abused. We are struggling to maintain useable supplies. We are in most need of pencils and notebook paper and pencils and more pencils. I’m pretty sure pencils disappear. I do require that math be done in pencil and I would also like the students to have a calculator of their own. Have a safe and Healthy break!! I am thankful for the sense of community at Riverside and thankful for family!

Social Studies
Ms. Charley

This week was midterms! In person students have been doing a great job and many of them have begun crafting their own role-plays (historical skits.) 6th grade is learning about Egypt’s Economy. 7th grade just started learning about the Roman Empire. 8th Grade started to learn about events leading up to the American Revolution. Everyone deserves their week long break! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Mr. Voegele

First off have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. Secondly Mid-terms should be distributed this week as well.  The majority of my traditional students are doing excellent.  I can’t wait to look over their November projects over the break.  From what has seen already they look great.  As for the hybrid and online students, this week off would be an excellent time to get caught up on much of your missing work.  Those grades are not up to the standards are set for our students.

As for the classes themselves, every class has a test on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20th!  It is online and in the module named November 20th quiz.  You need to make sure you go take that quiz.  When we come back on December 1st there are only 14 school days until the Holiday break.  There will be another quiz on December 17th (that is a Thursday) which means I will be live on the 16th in the morning to review.  Please make sure your students are checking in with me.  Then December 18th is the end of the quarter.  The year will be half over.

As always stay safe and healthy and have a great weekend (Week off).


Intervention Specialists

The Special Education Team hopes you and your family have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. The team is so thankful to be able to get to know your students. They are a wonderful group of students and it has been our pleasure to get to know the new students this year and to grow even more fond of our returning students. We look forward to hearing all about their holidays when the students get back to school. Best Wishes, the Special Education Team.

513.921.7777 ext 40904

Mrs. Bruner   mbruner@acariverside.com     
Mr. Springer  tspringer@acariverside.com    
Mrs. Frohlich cfrohlich@acariverside.com    

Physical Education

Mr. Holland



Ms. Sargent

This week in Music class, students in grades 2-8 took a trip to Ethiopia to explore the country’s music and dance styles. Kindergarten and first grade students got to learn about the guitar this week. After break, students can look forward to meeting the Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff.