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The Riverside Roar – October 26, 2020


The Riverside Roar is our weekly newsletter to inform our families of all the great things happening at school. Newsletter is personalized with information from your child’s teacher. 

Download the Elementary Riverside Roar for the week of October 26, 2020 (PDF)

Download the Middle School Riverside Roar for the week of October 26, 2020 (PDF)


Dear Parents and Guardians,

These colder days make us look forward to spring and warmer weather, but spring also means testing! In April, our middle school students will take the Ohio State Tests. Sixth and seventh graders will be tested in reading and math. Eight graders will be tested in reading, math, and science. These are mandatory for all students.

In order to prepare, teachers are using every minute of every bell, following state and national content standards, and developing rigorous lessons.

We know our students will make us proud!

Ms. Lucas, Principal


Grab and Go Meals

Hybrid students will bring meals home every Wednesday.

Online families may pick up meals by pulling up to the kitchen door on the east side of the building. Pick up is on Thursdays from 12:00 P.M. to 1:30 P.M.


Upcoming Events

October 27-28 – Ohio State Testing for Traditional and Hybrid 3rd Graders
October 30 – Professional Development Day – No School for Students
November 2 & 5– Ohio State Testing for Virtual 3rd Graders



We love all of our Riverside students! For our students that attend in person, we have several dismissal procedures in place to keep them safe.

  1. Walkers are dismissed at 3:15 P.M.
  2. Bus riders are called as the busses arrive.
  3. Students who are picked up are called as their rides arrive. Parents and guardians must stay in their cars, maintain one lane while waiting, and continue to pull forward when possible.

If a student needs to leave school early, a parent must come in and sign them out. Any time missed DOES count towards truancy.  if you need to call the office regarding a dismissal change, please call before 2:45. We do not dismiss students between 3:00 P.M. and 3:15 P.M. Thanks!



With colder weather comes changes in what students want to wear in the building. However, coats, hoodies, and jackets may not be worn. This is a Board policy that is explained in the Student-Parent Handbook. If students are cold, they may wear only solid colored white, gray, navy, black, or beige knitted cardigans or knitted pullover sweaters. Thank you for your help with this! If you have questions, please call me any time.



Kindergarten/1st Grade

Ms. White – Traditional

Please make sure to check your child’s behavior report! The behavior reports will provide insight on your child’s behavior on a daily basis. Your child is responsible for showing you their behavior report every day of the week! Please note that homework is due every Friday! Behavior reports and homework will be handled with gloves so you won’t have to worry about my teacher germs! This week the K-1st grade class will be working on the following: Sounding out words, writing our first and last name, drawing pictures about the story we read, reading comprehension, number bonds (adding and subtracting), counting by 5s, counting to 100 by 1, shapes, and Halloween celebrations across the word.


Ms. Zwirgzdas – Hybrid and Online

Hello Everyone,
It is great to see everyone online, I always want to remind you that if you need help submitting work, I am happy to set up a time with you. I am available Monday, Thursday and Friday after 1:30 pm for tutorial on Doc Hub or any other needs. At this time ACCEL schools are not providing paper copies of work. If you are not able to complete an assignment due to printing capabilities let me know, any cut and glue worksheets for students should just be seen as extra practice. This past week kindergartners were working on finishing up the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment or the KRA. First graders continued with solving subtraction word problems in math, we also began learning about place value. First grade also read an informational text about Sharks to tie into life sciences.


2nd/3rd Grade

Ms. Brown – Traditional

We have one more week of October left, just a friendly reminder that we do not have school on Friday. It is a teacher in-service day. Third grade will be working on retelling the story in their own words. One of the struggles that I have noticed is that the students tend to copy what they are reading as opposed to summarizing what they’ve read as a whole. Second grade will be working on describing the central idea of the story. In math, 3rd grade students are working on units of measurement they are working with milliliters, liters, gallons in ounces. In math for second graders, they will be working with addition and subtraction with the double and triple digits. Hope we have a great week.


4th/5th Grade

Ms. Kenner – Traditional

With colder weather approaching, students will need to dress for this colder weather while still in uniform. They cannot wear “outside” jackets in the classroom, and will need to wear navy, white, black or gray long sleeve shirts, sweaters, or cardigans without hoods or large logos. The school is able to provide a small number of these, and if you need assistance, please send a Dojo message or call me. Students should all have class dojo invites sent home, if they need another copy please let me know. This week in English, both grades are doing reader’s theatre, where we practice and analyze plays. In Math and Science, 4th grade is learning about the water cycle, different types of clouds, and are doing a GREAT job with borrowing in subtraction. 5th grade is finishing their planet projects, and plotting diagrams.


Middle School

English Language Arts
Ms. Brents

Have you heard of a chupacabra ? If not you should look them up, and talk with a sixth grader student who attends Riverside about them. We’re still working on standard R.I.6.1, and with our studies we’ve come across theses…animals (a perfect little investigation before fright night). In seventh grade this week we’re working on facilitating our own small groups and working together to strengthen our writing. By practicing this over the next few weeks I know I am going to see some great leaders emerge, and maybe a few future teachers ( R.L.7.1). In eighth grade we’ve read our first abridged version of Frankenstein and we’ve all really enjoyed it. We’re working on standard R.L.8.7 & 8.9 so next week we’ll be comparing it to different versions written by different authors.

Mrs. McConnell

Second quarter has started off great! We are already one week down! Students and teachers are much more familiar with canvas and how to work on and submit assignments, so this quarter will focus more on accuracy and grades instead of completion. All students are able to bring a calculator to keep at their desks and they can be used on the state test. Homework will continue to be light, and students are given the opportunity to complete work during work/study period, IF they manage their time wisely. We also do a lot of classwork, so attendance every day is very important. Math practice is available from home every night from iReady, IXL, and Brain pop. These resources can be accessed through the student canvas dashboard. Email or canvas is the best way to reach me for questions. mmcconnell@acariverside.com If you have any questions please let me know – Mrs. McConnell

Social Studies
Ms. Charley

This week, all students started quarter 2. Grades from quarter 1 are locked, and work from quarter 1 cannot be worked on anymore. Every grade started a new standard this week. The 6th grade started Standard 4: Egypt’s Geography. The 7th grade started standard 4: Greek Culture. The 8th grade started standard 3: The Age of Exploration. Accordion file folders were passed out on Thursday if your student had not bought one. These contain all work for social studies and must come to school every day.

Mr. Voegele

Good day all.  Parent teacher conferences was a major success.  I am happy that I got to talk to so many of you and discuss the success and struggles that your children were having.  If you would still like to discuss anything please email me at smvoegele001@acariverside.com.  Also make sure that your child is logging in to Canvas daily and doing some work every day there are many, many assignments that are missing or incomplete.  The sixth grade this week alone has three assignments about various types of weathering that need to be done.  The seventh grade has gone from the comparing the types of changes to chemical changes.  The 8th grade we will be journeying deep inside the Earth and find out what is there.  As always I hope this finds you safe and healthy and have a great day and weekend.  Make sure to come to my classes Monday, Thursday and Friday unless I indicate otherwise on their home page.


Intervention Specialists

Hello from the special education team. Monday, October 19th was the first day of the new quarter. For the families whose students attend school either 100% online or hybrid, your students should be comfortable getting online and submitting their work by now. You can also check your student’s progress online through Canvas. This is a new quarter and a good opportunity for your students to raise their grades if they would like. Please feel free to contact the special education team if you have any questions. Our phone number is: 513.921.7777 ext: 40904. Thank you to all the students who are regularly meeting with their intervention specialists.

mbruner@acariverside.com     Maria Bruner K-5th grade
tspringer@acariverside.com    Travis Springer 6th grade
cfrohlich@acariverside.com     Cynthia Frohlich 7th and 8th grade


Physical Education

Mr. Holland



Ms. Sargent

This week in music class, students in grades 2-8 enjoyed playing with some of our favorite instruments, the boomwhackers. They also got to play their recorders on Friday! In the kindergarten and first grade class, students participated in lots of singing and dancing, and on Friday they met the tuba!