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The Riverside Roar – October 13, 2020


The Riverside Roar is our weekly newsletter to inform our families of all the great things happening at school. 

Download the Elementary Riverside Roar for the week of October 13, 2020 (PDF)

Download the Middle School Riverside Roar for the week of October 13, 2020 (PDF)


Dear Parents and Guardians,

It’s almost picture day! For students who learn through traditional or hybrid modalities, picture day will be on October 21, 2020. Students will be called by class to the auditorium, and everyone will have their pictures taken.

Students who are learning virtually may report to the building on October 23, 2020, between 10:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. to have their pictures taken. Students will enter the door with the blue awning, must wear masks, and will have their temperatures taken before proceeding to the auditorium.

Students may be out of dress code, but they still must follow the expectations for appropriate dress: chest, stomach, and back covered; no sheer clothing; no logos advertising drugs or alcohol; etc. The entire list of what is and what isn’t appropriate can be found in the Parent/Student handbook on our website.

Ms. Lucas


Grab and Go Meals

Hybrid students will bring meals home every Wednesday.

Online families may pick up meals by pulling up to the kitchen door on the east side of the building. Pick up is on Thursdays from 12:00 P.M. to 1:30 P.M.


Upcoming Events

October 16 – End of First Quarter
October 21 – Picture Day for Traditional and Hybrid Students
October 23 – Picture Day for Virtual Students (10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.)



With colder weather comes changes in what students want to wear in the building. However, coats, hoodies, and jackets may not be worn. This is a Board policy that is explained in the Student-Parent Handbook. If students are cold, they may wear only solid colored white, gray, navy, black, or beige knitted cardigans or knitted pullover sweaters. Thank you for your help with this! If you have questions, please call me any time.

Kindergarten/1st Grade

Ms. White – Traditional

Please make sure to check your child’s behavior report! The behavior reports will provide insight on your child’s behavior on a daily basis. Your child is responsible for showing you their behavior report every day of the week! Please note that homework is due every Friday! Behavior reports and homework will be handled with gloves so you won’t have to worry about my teacher germs! This week the K-1st grade class will be working on the following: Reading comprehension, first and last name writing practice, sight word spelling practice, retelling stories, adding with numbers between 1-10, adding doubles, number writing practice, tribes in Africa, and we will be starting our class garden this week! Ms. White


Ms. Zwirgzdas – Hybrid and Online

Hello Families,

As I was out for most of last week, the webpages have been updated. I am extending this week’s math, and English units through Friday October 16th. In English this week first grade started on identifying similarities and differences in a text during live sessions. While continued to work on phonics and grammar skills. Kindergarteners continued to work on their alphabet and sight words. In Math this week, first graders have started working on one step word problems during live sessions.

Miss. Z


2nd/3rd Grade

Ms. Brown – Traditional

We are down one more week in October. Due to mock testing on Tuesday and Wednesday we will revisit describing characters. With describing characters, we are focusing on traits, motivations, feelings, and actions of the character. This is going to require that the students use the key details that they have been taught and weeks prior understand how the character feels and shapes the story. For math in second grade, they will be working with double digit addition and subtraction. For third grade we are taking one step towards counting in multiplication and telling time. The students will use multiplication skills to be able to read clocks and be able to tell time.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Mrs. McKalip – Hybrid and Online

Dear Parents and Guardians:

    Please ensure that your children are logging onto Canvas every week and are completing their assignments and are reviewing their course content on time. This week in ELA, 3rd grade students will learn about grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. In math, third grade students will be learning about multiplying by 3 and 4. Third grade students will learn about the Sioux in social studies and in science students will be learning about condensation. This week in ELA, 2nd grade students will learn about sight words, punctuation, and vocabulary. In second grade math, students will learn about using the associative property. In social studies, 2nd grade students will be learning about Ancient Celtic Traditions and in science students will learn about animal rhythms. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (513) 921-7777. I can also be contacted by email. My email address is amckalip@acariverside.com. Thank you.

Ms. McKalip


4th/5th Grade

Ms. Kenner – Traditional

With colder weather approaching, students will need to dress for this colder weather while still in uniform. They cannot wear “outside” jackets in the classroom, and will need to wear navy, white, black or gray long sleeve shirts, sweaters, or cardigans without hoods or large logos. The school is able to provide a small number of these, and if you need assistance, please send a Dojo message or call me. Students should all have class dojo invites sent home, if they need another copy please let me know. This week in English, both grades are learning inferences. Inferences are real life skills where a conclusion is drawn based on evidence. In Math and Science, 4th grade is learning about the water cycle, and factor trees and rounding numbers. 5th grade is learning about planets, and translating improper fractions to mixed numbers.


Mrs. Smith – Hybrid and Online

Hello to all Parents & Guardians:

Our novel discussion has started and I need your help families.  Please remind your students to read their assigned chapters and refer to their Study Guides on a daily basis.  Feel free to read with your student and if time doesn’t permit, always ask your child to give you a summary of what they’ve read.

As a reminder, please check the “Announcement” selection BEFORE joining the Conference.  I will post updates there that may affect our class.

Fifth (5th) graders have been learning about adding and subtracting decimals and applying those skills to adding & subtracting money. Fourth(4th) graders are mastering rounding & estimation. Both grades are learning reading & writing concepts, such as, Narrative writing, how to read Technical/Informational text and then applying those skills on assignments.

I will be trying new incentives for the second quarter for the mailings were becoming costly.  I will be using “Virtual Incentives” such as, virtual stickers, Pajama Day, note from teacher, Art Day, and a host of other virtual treats!!

Again, thank you for your support.


Middle School

English Language Arts
Ms. Brents
It was great speaking with many of you during parent-teacher conferences. There is nothing like the team work that we’re able to create once we join forces ! This week we’re wrapping up our standards and getting ready for a strong finish to quarter one ! During second quarter you can help your student by checking their “to-do list” that’s housed on the welcome page for each of their classes. The “to-do” list is on the right side of the screen, in blue font, and is a list of what the student has to complete, and the deadline for the assignment. If the student has submitted the assignment, the assignment will then disappear from the list. But be warned ! Canvas doesn’t filter if the assignment is complete, it just simply notes if some document had been turned in…

Mrs. McConnell
This week in math…the quarter has flown by so quickly! It’s hard to believe how much we’ve already learned. At this grade level, students are able to use a scientific calculator on the state test. We have been going over calculator functions in class, and I only have a few to lend. In addition to not having enough for every student, COVID restrictions do not allow me to share calculators between the students or between the separate classes. I would like each student traditional AND online, to have a scientific calculator of their own. You can find these in most stores like Walmart, Target, Meijer, Walgreens. I have seen them for around $7-$15 and it should last several years. This will be more important for them to have as the year progresses. If you have any questions please let me know – Mrs. McConnell

Social Studies
Ms. Charley
This week in the 7th grade, students spent time learning about City States and Greek Conflicts. On Thursday and Friday they completed a role play. Next week they will learn about the Greco-Persian Wars. In the 8th grade, students spent time learning about Native Americans and common issues in modern America. Next week they will be analyzing Native American presentation in popular culture. In the 6th grade, students finished up their standard about the Harappan Civilization and will have assessment days next week.

Mr. Voegele
I hope everyone is having a good day and a great school year. Don’t forget to sign up for conferences on Monday October 12th.  They are virtual and will be done through your students Canvas accounts.  Also please make sure that your students are logging into Canvas Daily and that they are going into all of their classes daily.  I do live sessions for 25 minutes on Monday, Thursday and Fridays; barring any unforeseen problems.  My home page has their daily agenda of work and links to various programs they should be doing every week; IXL, Newsela, and Brain Pop.  Also I put up their tests and class work in the modules.  There is a live test as we speak for 6th and 7th grade.  That test will only be available until Saturday.  When the test is over.  8th grade will have a test launched on Friday.  Students need to be taking these.  On to the week that was.  6th grade is in nearing the end of their rocks and minerals unit.  It was a very long unit.  We will be moving into Soil and layers next.  7th grade we are in the middle of the cycles of mass and energy.  We will be continuing on this for some time.  8th grade is ending force and motion and we will be starting the layers of the Earth, Plate Tectonics, Volcanos and Earthquakes.  If you have any questions or need me please email me at smvoegele001@acariverside.com.


Intervention Specialists

Hello, Parents and Guardians. Hopefully, by now, your students have developed a routine and are completing and submitting their assignments either in person at school or on line. In middle school, modified math tests are on Canvas. Please have your virtual middle school student look for the modified tests when they are prepared to take the tests. For the hybrid and traditional elementary and middle school students, the students take modified tests in a quiet room and are allowed frequent breaks.

A great way to increase your student’s reading ability is to increase their vocabulary. Encourage your students to read articles/books/magazines that interest them and then have them look up words that they don’t recognize.

With the Fall season upon us, it’s a great time to read a book during those rainy and blustery days.

Please feel free to email or call us anytime with questions.

513.921.7777 Ext. 40904

Our email addresses are:
mbruner@acariverside.com     Maria Bruner K-5th grade
tspringer@acariverside.com    Travis Springer 6th grade
cfrohlich@acariverside.com     Cynthia Frohlich 7th and 8th grade


Physical Education

Mr. Holland
We will start off with our normal stretches (arm rotations, push-ups, jumping jacks etc.) After stretching we will do our cardio/rhythm and dance. This is a fun activity for students. This part of the lesson is big on following directions. We do the cha-cha slide, freeze dance, and freestyle dancing as well.

This week we will learn the sequence of cup-stacking, and also working on more challenging stacks such as the 6*6 stack and the 10 stack. Cup-stacking works on hand and eye coordination as well as hand speed.



Ms. Sargent
This week in Music class, students in grades 2-8 took a trip to China to explore the country’s music, and they met the famous female composer, Clara Schumann. Kindergarten and first grade students continued exploring their singing voices, and this week they learned about the Clarinet. Next week, students can look forward to meeting the Russian composer, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and learning about sound waves.